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Cable Engineering

Energyline provides Cable Engineering solutions to the power systems industry

Our HV/MV underground cable engineering department has a wealth of experience in all aspects of route and system design.

We have successfully supported both HVAC and HVDC projects from front end design through to delivery. In addition, we have carried out Factory Acceptance Testing, Factory Auditing and Type Test Witnessing at manufacturing facilities across the globe. We have a dedicated team of specialist underground Cable Engineers that are driven and deliver high quality, innovative design solutions. Our cable team are also supported by Energyline’s other service areas to provide specialist support and input where appropriate, working particularly closely with geotechnical, civil design, planning and environmental. We also offer training courses for cable system design and impressed conditions on cable systems (to NSI 5).

Our experienced and qualified Cable Engineering services team provide:


We have extensive cable system design experience across the Energy Sector
Cable system design (outline and detailed ‘For construction’)
Cable corridor and route development
On-site cable installation witnessing and QA
Technical and policy document review


We provide a range of support services and activities to our cable system design projects
Design assurance
Tender evaluation

Training courses


We use the latest technologies with cable system design projects
Substation cable routing including new indoor substations
Cable manufacturing witnessing and Factory Audits
Thermal resistivity testing

Cable System Design Case Studies

Keadby Substation Reconfiguration

We were involved in developing both the cable route, outline and detailed design for construction for the 400 kV HVAC circuit. Supporting the development of the detailed design by completing and witnessing the required ground and site investigations. Following these investigations site specific cable and utility crossings were developed to ensure the design could operate unhindered. The design also had to incorporate the local environmental considerations. Finally, we completed the as built design pack and rating schedules for the route records.

Project VISTA (Visual Impact of Scottish Transmission Asset)

We were involved in multiple 132 kV schemes throughout Scotland assisting with feasibility studies for undergrounding sections of overhead line (OHL) to offer significant reductions in visual impact, while avoiding unwanted economic and environmental impacts. When feasibility had been assessed we developed both the routes and outline cable system design to provide a preferred design solution.

HVDC Western Link

This project comprised route design for the onshore southern cables which comprised circa 33 km of 600 kV DC cable and 4 km of 400 kV AC cable. We undertook the technical route development for both of these routes and the cable system design for the 400 kV AC route. Additionally, we carried out PM duties, tender evaluation, design assurance, and acting as cable technical lead throughout the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) process.

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