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Energyline provides Surveying services to the power systems industry.

Specialists in Remote Terrain Access Surveys

Our team specialises in the survey of long aspect ratio sites (corridors, routes, alignments), making us ideally suited to the survey of utilities infrastructure such as overhead lines and much more.

Traversing long routes means we frequently encounter challenging terrain which is supported by our fleet of all-terrain vehicles. We also correspond with multiple grantors across the route and managing these interfaces is an important aspect of our role on site.

We use precision survey methods for topographic and environmental features as well a range of OHL specific features such as: support geometry and verticality, in-span catenary measurement, downlead arrangements, sub-station gantries and interfaces.

All survey data is captured in accordance with client specifications and we connect seamlessly with our Overhead design department to produce the required outputs such as Profiles (Optimal or PLS CADD), drawings and schedules.

Our well qualified and experienced Surveying team provide:


We have extensive surveying experience across the Energy Sector
Existing Tower/Pole Asset Surveys and Profiling
Overhead Line and Cable Routing Surveys
Engineering Walk-through Surveys
Measured Building Surveys


We provide a range of support services and activities to our surveying projects
Full range of asset health assessments
In-span and at structure clearance studies
Structural verticality checks
Extensive experience routeing both new build overhead lines and diversions from LV up to 400 kV
Overhead line profiling studies
Foundation load and strength assessments


We use the latest technologies when conducting surveys
Conventional precision survey methods
All-terrain vehicles
Desk based assessments
LiDAR survey techniques
Floor plans
3d Scanned models
Computer aided design/ drafting in PLS-CADD, AutoCad and Optimal formats

Existing Tower/Pole Asset Surveys and Profiling

Tower and pole supports, downlead arrangements, conductor catenaries and topographic features are captured by conventional precision survey methods to support a full range of asset health assessments, from in-span and at structure clearance studies to structural verticality checks.

Overhead line profiling studies can be presented in both PLS-CADD and Optimal format.

Overhead Line and Cable Routeing Surveys

We have extensive experience routeing both new build overhead lines and diversions from LV up to 400 kV.

Using a combination of desk based assessments and traditional and LiDAR survey techniques we can take your proposed route corridor through the alignment selection process to the final design stage.

Engineering Walk-through Surveys

We offer a complete pre-construction assessment service for overhead line developments including

  • Survey of structure and machine positions
  • Tower furniture condition and muff assessment
  • Access routes confirmed by CBR testing and peat probing
  • Access accommodation requirements
  • In-span feature and access hazard identification

Measured Building Surveys

EL survey dept. continually supports the Planning & Environmental dept. and other local clients by capturing existing building survey data and surrounding topographical features via either scanning or terrestrial survey methods.

  • Elevations and sections
  • Floor plans
  • 3d Scanned models


Surveying Case Studies

Mybster - Shin 132kV Existing Overhead Line

Delivering a refurbishment project for Scottish & Southern Energy, Energyline completed over 100 kilometres of ground based precision surveys on overhead lines across varied and challenging terrain in the North East of Scotland, incorporating selected areas of LiDAR survey where conventional survey access proved impossible.

Corriegarth - Dunmaglass 132 kV New Build

In addition to supporting the delivery of this windfarm connection scheme for Scottish & Southern Energy from pre-construction through to post-construction ESQCR checks with comprehensive survey and design services, Energyline also provided an expert on site Engineer to advise on every step of the process.

Pole Line LV-66 kV

Energyline is currently assisting DNOs by providing survey and profiling services to support reinforcement and development schemes across their networks. We work closely with network planners and wayleave officers to turn their proposals into designs ready for construction.

33KV Terminal Support Studies

Energyline has worked with WPD on the 11kV and 33kV distribution network that it operates. As part of an ongoing programme of works, a feasibility study was undertaken to assess a reconfiguration and potential reutilisation of an existing, aged, 33kV lattice steel terminal support, and to assess the pros and cons of replacement with an equivalent 33kV wood pole support.

Skye Reinforcement

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) were assessing the existing 132kV Quoich to Broadford (QB) overhead line for reutilisation, as part of the larger Skye Reinforcement Project. Energyline were engaged to undertake pertinent studies and surveys to inform the assessment of existing lattice steel towers.

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