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Research & Innovation

Energyline supports a range of Research and Innovation activities on behalf of our clients.

Energyline take a pragmatic approach to Research and Innovation schemes.

Drawing on the diverse knowledge base of all of our staff enables us to support clients with practical, safe, and cost-efficient solutions for their most complex technological challenges.

The Research and Innovation team support clients with a wide range of services which can be broadly categorised into the following main areas:

Design Innovation

We have extensive Research, Science & Innovation experience across the Energy Sector
Design development/ Innovation for OHL and cable system(s) & components (Supports, Foundations, Conductor System, Cable Design etc).
Supporting client Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and Network Innovation Competition (NIC) schemes.
Utilisation of advanced analysis tools for complex designs (ANSYS).
Novel and considered approach to development of new design problems.

Asset Condition and Integrity

We provide a range of support services and activities to our Research, Science & Innovation projects
Asset Condition and Integrity.
Investigation techniques (Foundations, conductors etc).
Destructive condition evaluation of conductor system components.
Metallurgy and Materials Science Consultancy.
Failure investigations and root cause analysis.
Expert witness services for litigation matters.

Technology Approvals

We use the latest technologies with our Research, Science & Innovation projects
Advanced Computer Aided Design modelling i.e. finite element analysis, electric and magnetic field simulation etc.
Component testing – mechanical, electrical, thermal.
Factory Audits and Test Witnessing.
Reviewing novel component supply chain and manufacturing risks.
Component testing - mechanical, electrical, thermal.
Development of test specifications, technical specifications and standards.

We can support a wide range of R&I activities at our facility in Copgrove where we have undertaken full scale prototyping and testing activities. 

Research, Science, Innovation & Forensics Case Studies

High Temperature Low Sag Conductor Adoption

Energyline have supported the type registration schemes for both Aluminium Conductor Composite Core (ACCC, CTC) and Aluminium Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR, 3M). Our involvement included developing the type test regime in the absence of a wholly applicable UK standard, test witnessing and factory audits.

New Suite of Transmission Structures – NeSTS

Energyline have been a key contributor to Scottish and Southern Electricity Network’s (SSEN) successful Network Innovation Competition (NIC) proposal to develop a New Suite of Transmission Structures (NeSTS)

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